Picture being in a room of 15 or 100 or 500 delegates at a real estate meeting or convention or conference. Everyone has real estate connections, opportunities to do business. But how can one communicate with every other person at that conference and network for potential opportunities to do business? This platform can as of 2021. With three new servers and software and 25 years of development, with the members, displays opportunities worldwide. And it is all mobile as well.

Welcome to Real Estate Haves and Wants .com 

Powered by ICIWorld.com since 1994.

Information . . . the gold on the Internet. 

Please consider us as one of your "real estate marketing and information assistants." Whether you are a buyer or seller, real estate broker or salesperson, we enjoy helping you make connections for your next potential real estate and business transaction.

Our story. From a recreation room on the West Mountain in Hamilton, Ontario in 1992 to a world service platform of transactions to $50M+ for people in 138 countries built for all brokers and salespeople in the world to network real estate opportunities to serve the public of buyers and sellers.

Our Story ICIWorld

Picture trying to keep track of hundreds of real estate opportunities. I tried. Started with attending in the 1980s, CCIM breakfast meetings, marketing sessions at the Toronto Real Estate Board.  One to two minutes.  Stand up. Present your Have and Want opportunities. Make connections do deals. 65% of the chapter members did business with other chapter members. You couldn't ask for more. But I wondered what about the members not attending?

I tried keeping track of all the Haves and Wants. I just couldn't write fast enough. I attended and moderated sessions in the USA and Canada where over $100M worth of opportunities would be presented in CCIM Marketing Sessions, SEC, and others. Just could not keep track of all the fantastic opportunities presented by brokers and salespeople. Couldn't do it.

ICIWorld is an answer to this problem, how do you keep track and monitor all the of the wonderful opportunities of great professionals in the business. 

And how can you get exposure to others who would be interested in the world? 

Answer: ICIWorld.com Started on October 22, 1994. 26 years in the making to date. Nose hard to the grindstone. Working day and night. Learning computers, software. It was like a passion like Alexander Graham Bell inventing the telephone. He was a person I thought about frequently to this day. Ignored. If it wasn't for the Queen of England wanting to connect to the barn to get the horses ready, it was considered a play toy.  People laughed. Since then you know, all the rest of the story.

I thought everyone would revel in information technology and help to develop it. Instead, it was a little criticism. I always and to this day take it as constructive.

Time Is Money

There are only two things you do on ICIWorld . . . once you have had our one-time one-hour orientation 
appointment over the Internet.

1. Search from time to time; 

2. Add, modify, delete listings from time to time.

Make connections, show properties, do deals. Do referrals. Make money.

That's it!

Everything else is a one-time setup. 

Instructions To ensure you are making money or at the least triggering leads every 90 days. You miss one item and you can be missing doing deals and not realize it,

Oh! Yes. And cash your cheques at the bank.

Time Required