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Memberships open for real estate brokers and salespeople only.

Step 1 Join Executive Membership

Upon payment, you can print out a receipt. You will also receive a receipt by EMail.

Step 2 Print Out Orientation

The Orientation PDF File 8 pages (suggest you print double sided if you can) 

Full instructions to get started. Checklist to ensure you are successful.

Print Out Orientation


This orientation file is like a pilots checklist for a broker to ensure you take full advantage of Internet real estate information services to make money.

There is more than one way to make money with an information service. This file ensures you are taking advantage of them.

Measure Your Success

Measure your success with Our Pledge.

Never go longer than 90 days without either doing a deal or referral or at the very least triggering leads that you feel will lead to doing a deal someday. Otherwise, give us a chance to help.

There are 5+ billion people using the Internet. Every member makes connections to do business or call us.

Step 3 Make An Appointment

This is one-on-one assistance provided over the Internet in your home or business office, no matter where in the world you are located using GoToMeeting Software.

Make An Appointment

Why is it assistance by appointment?

Eliminates telephone tag.

We can not have 100 brokers calling in at one time. We would need four customer service agents, $160,000 per year and it would be you who would have to pay for it. Instead, we simply say "make an appointment."

Bring all your questions and concerns to this appointment.

We have a checklist to go through with you and every single member to ensure that you are taking advantage of the tools in an effective manner.

We find this provides a high quality of care for every single member. This is one-on-one assistance.

If for any reason you can not make the appointment you change the time right up to the last minute, in the email confirmation.

We operate like a doctor's office every hour on the hour. Ten minutes before your time go to and click on Webinar Workshop at the top and get into the meeting.

The time booked belongs to you.

If you get there late, we have another appointment right after you. We go by the clock on the computer.

We enjoy the opportunity to be with and serve you.

Make An Appointment

Please consider us as one of your personal assistants.

A Membership Subscription Has Its Benefits

ROI Return on Investment. Calculate this one - $319 to join and members making $100,000 to $1,000,000+ All while creating wealth for all their customers. See testimonials further on down this page.

Unlimited Ads to a Global Market of five billion people on the Internet.

Place every buyer Want. 

Market and advertise all your real estate board listings just like classified ads in a newspaper. This generates leads for you directly from the public and the real estate industry. 

Network Have and Want opportunities that are not on real estate boards. Do this without the address or identifying the property. Put agreements in place before you show a property. Get proper training in the first appointment one-time setup that you make with us for assistance. 

Take our upcoming and webinar recordings training on how to do this properly. Recordings of webinars conducted for over 100 real estate companies, associations and real estate boards.

Experience to help reach a Global Audience since 1994 with people from 138 countries daily, weekly, monthly.

20,000 EMails deliver Information to the public and the real estate industry daily.

You can agree to share your listings, Have and Want opportunities on other brokers' websites and vice versa. 

Member brokers have agreed to allow their listings, Have and Want opportunities to be displayed on YOUR website we call widgets.

Widgets for your website display listings, Have and Want opportunities on YOUR website.

An Exclusive Menu Button. It is like having real estate classified ads on YOUR website. What is extra special, it that as a member, people cannot click on the message Ads on YOUR website, they have to call you.

This means you get the leads directly from the public.

ICIWorld App for your mobile devices. Your listings, Haves and Wants to be displayed on thousands of installations of the ICIWorld App for iPhones and Androids. And . . . you have access to 30,000+ contacts to do business.

Access to Database 2 FSBO Area. For Sale By Owner. Only members can access the contact information of the buyers and sellers directly.

Training and assistance by way of recorded video, printouts, webinars, seminars. See Learn

One on one assistance, no matter where in the world you are located. It is in the form of 60-minute Webinar Workshops over the Internet.  By appointment. Generally, most everyone only needs a one-time setup.

Personal assistance by appointment no matter where in the world you are located using GoToMeeting software. This is the fastest way to start.

ICIWorld powers many websites on the Internet, thousands of pages on the Internet, 1,500 real estate broker and salesperson websites. You can agree or not agree to allow your listings to appear on these websites instantly. Would you mind doing the odd five-minute referral that makes you $3,000 to $10,000? Also, see Founded in 1994 

Mobile Friendly Websites:

Install the ICIWorld App for iPhones, Androids html5  and many more.

When a broker or salesperson is a member, their information is populated on all ICIWorld powered websites. From our original website on the Internet in 1994 we maintain them all as a strategy because they are like billboards, they continue to trigger leads for all members to this day.

They are information tools. Choose the one you prefer.

Assistance by Appointment 

30-40 Transactions Over the Years

Bob Bahreinian, ABR, SRES, Sales Representative Coldwell Banker Case Realty, Brokerage

More Testimonials

All members inspire us to grow the service when we hear these things.

Kaleem Salahuddin, Sales Representative RE/MAX Premier Inc., Brokerage

Testimonials are proof positive that all salespeople can make connections to do business with exclusive real estate opportunities.


Our Pledge Too many to keep track of. So much so that we have a special pledge that every single member should either do a deal every 90 days or at the very least trigger leads he/she feels will lead to doing a deal or referral. Otherwise, call us and give us a chance to help.

Everyone knows you can sell real estate on a real estate board.  But not everyone knows how to work exclusive opportunities in real estate to make money.

Testimonials were done with leads triggered by real estate opportunities on ICIWorld. 

There is a tremendous amount of business that every single salesperson in the world can do, in addition to real estate board listings, by learning how to work exclusive type of real estate Have and Want information.  Information simply remains confidential until you find a buyer, qualify them, and then and only then put a listing agreement in place, and then show the property, get an offer and do a deal.

All these testimonials demonstrate how successful one can be by working information of a Have and Want nature, which we also call exclusive.  

You will no longer be restricted to making money with just a real estate board type listing.  Now you can do both!  

Since 1994.

See 50 pages of Testimonials PDF File

We enjoy being one of your assistants.

Please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to you personally.

We have the experience of working with brokers and salespeople for 25+ years.

Thank you to everyone for the opportunity to serve you.

This is built as a world registry of real estate Haves and Wants for the industry to network with the public so that you do not miss deals and opportunities to serve the public and make money.



Pre-approved First Year Membership $240 or $30/month.